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About the Extension

The greatest reason to use shipment tracking is that it makes your customer satisfied enhancing their overall experience. It allows the customer to locate shipment at any point in its journey. This extension support multiple shipping carriers, multiple stores, multiple languages. And its easy to setup, modify or delete shipping carriers.

This plugin creates an additional shipment tracking fields for each order where you can provide the tracking details. Enter the tracking details (tracking ID, shipment date, expected delivery etc). The plugin will send the tracking details to your customers in their preferred language. It has pre-loaded email templates to kick-start the settings. The extension has in-built compatibility for journal2 and journal3 template. Installing this extension is easy and no programming skills are required. The easiest way to track all your shipments and notify your customer delivery updates.

How to use this extension?

  1. First you add the number of courier companies you are tied up in Admin : Extensions > Extensions > Productivity Apps > Order Shipment Tracking Info. The details will be stored in database as a lookup table.
  2. Then you can easily assign courier/shipment details like courier service, tracking code to a particular product of order or all products of an order. The details will be saved to database.
  3. The details will appear in admin order info page as well as in customer order history page.

This extension is also compatible with Order Status Email/SMS template Designer

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