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Order Status Email / SMS Template Designer PRO

This extension is used to override the default mailing system of opencart for customer order confirmation email and customer order status update notification emails and admin order alert email

Interesting Features of this Extension

  1. Create HTML templates for any order status emails.
  2. Master Layout designer with sample layouts included and more will be added frequently [NEW]
  3. Create SMS templates for any order status notification [NEW]
  4. Send SMS using your SMS Gateway API  [NEW]
  5. Short-Codes or variables for creating dynamic email templates
  6. Short-Codes or variables for Custom Fields [NEW]
  7. Customized info for payment method used by customer [NEW]
  8. Customized info for shipping method used by customer [NEW]
  9. HTML Comments template setup so that you do not need to type everytime you send order status notification emails to customer
  10. Easy enable or disable the email system
  11. Add unlimited attachments to any order status emails
  12. Display Cross-Selling products (Latest products, Bestseller products, Popular products, Related products, Selective featured products, Customer also bough, related products, auto-related products, random products)
  13. Campaign tracking for the cross-selling products
  14. Set any email address and sender name to send order related emails to customer.
  15. Compatible with our Courier Tracking Extension so that you can add the tracking link information within the email
  16. Compatible with our PDF Invoice Generator so that you can attach PDF invoice with the email.
  17. Sample Templates (so that you can easily copy paste the html and edit the template)
  18. Supports Multi-store Setup
  19. Supports Multi-language
  20. Extension Work Logs  [NEW]
  21. Documentation to help you install this extension and setup

Video Demonstration

Compatibility2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x
Core Files OverwriteNo Core files overwritten
Multi-storeYes, Supports Multi-store
Multi-lingualYes, Support Multi-language website
Existing Libraries UsedJquery, Bootstrap,
Additional Libraries Added / UsedCkeditor, jscolor, codemirror, bootstraptoggle

Admin Link: (Credentials Auto Filled)

Demo Instruction:

Navigate to the Menu: Productivity Apps > Order Status Email/SMS Templates

Video Demo:


Open demo instruction in new tab

VERSION : 5.1.3DATE RELEASED: 22 Aug 2023
  • Minor update in terms of validation rule for order confirmation and order alert emails. Included order status id check w.r.t config_processing_status and config_complete_status of the store settings (only for 3.x.x.x versions)

VERSION : 5.1.2DATE RELEASED: 06 May 2023
  • Update for OpenCart 23xx - 3xxx - Added try catch error error catching block to capture if any issue related to the email server sending email. This feature is not implemented in OpenCart 2000 - 2200

VERSION : 5.1.0DATE RELEASED: 18 Aug 2021

Added New Feature for On-the-Go Order Attachments. You can upload any number of files for the order and the attachments are sent over the email, as well as the customer can view the order attachments on his order info page.

VERSION : 5.0.2DATE RELEASED: 14 Apr 2021
  • Minor fix related to an OpenCart 3.x bug

VERSION : 5.0.1DATE RELEASED: 12 Mar 2021
  • Shortcodes fixed for payment custom fields and custom fields.

VERSION : 5.0.0DATE RELEASED: 14 Feb 2021
  1. Extension Redesigned
  2. New Feature: Create Multiple templates
  3. New Feature: Assign templates to order status
  4. New Feature: Order Confirmation and Order Admin Alert have individual setup template setup now
  5. New Feature: Easy ON/OFF status
  6. New Feature: Enable/Disable events from the extension settings itself
  7. New Feature: Easy Template Preview
  8. New Feature: Easy Edit and Delete template
  9. New Feature: In-build Email Layout Design Customizer
  10. New Feature: Template Samples
  11. New Feature: New Special Blocks: Registered Customer Block, Customer Group Info, First Purchase Block
  12. New Feature: Product Templates Color customizer
  13. New Feature: Product Templates Column Show/Hide
  14. New Feature: Product Templates Preview
  15. New Feature: Improvized Work Logs
  16. New Feature: Clear Logs and automatic clear logs
  17. New Feature: RUN SQL button for future templates or reset sample templates.
  18. New Feature: Save as copy for Master Layout
  19. New Feature: Simplified Layout Option setup
  20. New Feature: Cross-selling block preview
  21. New Feature: Height adjustments for Product Grid data
  22. New Feature: 2 New added Product list [List View]
  23. New Feature: In-built 12 Master Layout Samples

VERSION : 4.2.7DATE RELEASED: 30 Nov 2020

VERSION : 4.2.3DATE RELEASED: 20 Mar 2020
  1. Changed ckeditor to opencart default summernote for opencart 3xxx versions becuase of image manager incompatibility in ckeditor
  2. Preview order status fix

VERSION : 4.2.2DATE RELEASED: 18 Feb 2020
  1. Some fixes made w.r.t OpenCart Versions 3.x.x.x

VERSION : 4.2.1DATE RELEASED: 17 Jan 2020
  • Fixed bug in BCC field setup

VERSION : 4.2.0DATE RELEASED: 24 Dec 2019

  1. Added BCC field to order status templates

  1. Minor bug fix for duplicate order history entry for OpenCart 3xxx

  1. Minor bug fix for admin comment on opencart 3.x.x.x versions 

  1. Minor Bug Fix with file attachments for email templates

VERSION : 4.1.2DATE RELEASED: 06 Nov 2018
  • Added Feature: Customized text if order contains downloable product.

VERSION : 4.1.1DATE RELEASED: 31 Oct 2018
  • Cart template header language fixed

  1. Extension Code Optimized
  2. Auto filling of default order status email template
  3. Master Template Validation
  4. Master template shortcode validation
  5. Inclusion of store selection dropdown
  6. Inclusion of language selection dropdown
  7. Product Grid - Microsoft Outlook Compatibility fix.
  8. Architecture redesign for ocmod xml installation
  9. Improved User friendliness

  1. Extension Redesigned and optimized for OpenCart 2.x.x.x and 3.x.x.x versions
  2. Added Feature : Master Template Layout designer with Pre-loaded sample templates
  3. Added Feature : Installation of new sample templates within the extension
  4. Added Feature : Inclusion of more cross-selling products; Customer also bought, Related Products, Auto-related products, random products
  5. Added Feature : Email Template Preview
  6. Added Feature : Inclusion of more Cart / products table template
  7. Added Feature : Customization of Cross-selling products   ( Image size, font, color, products in a row )
  8. Added Feature : Can assigned individual Sender Email Address / Sender Name to each order status
  9. Added Feature : Can attach multiple attachments to email
  10. Added Feature : Can set reply-to email address
  11. Added Feature : SMS Template design
  12. Added Feature : Admin Order alert email template
  13. Added Feature : Custom-fields Short-codes


Enhancement to Version 3.0

  • Added Feature: Custom Payment Info Text 
  • Added Feature: Custom Shipping Info Text 

  • This updated version is only compatible with 2.1.x.x and higher versions of OpenCart
  • Added : Order Confirmation Email Template support
  • Added : Can send attachments in emails
  • Added : Cross-selling products can be displayed on emails and can be tracked via campaign tracking
  • Added : Can mention a different email address to send emails.
  • Added : Sample Templates
  • Removed : VQMOD dependency. Requires OCMOD

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