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Product Table templates

There are 5 sample tables you can choose from, you can customize the colors using the options.

You can choose the columns to display.

The preview is updated when you click on the Save Button

Column Language

To update the table column language, the language file is located at catalog/language/en-gb/extension/module/order_email.php

Copy this file to your respective language folder and translate the text (just like any other OpenCart module)

Setting Column Width

The width of the column is set automatically based on the content of the table. In some case, where there is a space between currency code/symbol and the amount, this may break to the next line, and you may want to increase or set the column width so that it doesn’t break to a new line.

To set the width, open the template files located at


Add width attribute (for example, width:20%) to the style of the column

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