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OpenCart Upgrade & Migration

OpenCart Upgrade & Migration
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We offer you the OpenCart Upgradation Service. It is completely safe and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

How we will work

We will get the backup of files and database. We will not work on your website directly, Instead, we will install a new OpenCart in your server on a subfolder (Let us call this dev website). The data from the live database is copied to the dev database (Data Migration). After all the process on the dev website, we will confirm with you that you are satisfied with the new opencart with the migrated data. After your confirmation, we will schedule a 1-2 hours window period where we will keep your website on maintenance, and another round of fresh data (orders, customers, products) will be imported to the dev website database and finally, the dev website will be moved to live. In this way, we make sure your running business is not affected by any chance and up-gradation is smooth. 

Other optional custom works (Upgradation of Extensions/Modules or any custom work related to the website) are billed at $10 to $20 per hour.

Things that will be preserved

  1. Customer Details, Orders, Products, Images, Categories, etc will be safe and unchanged
  2. Sensitive and customized database entries will be safe and unchanged

Things that will NOT be preserved

  1. Custom Templates.  Themes from previous versions will not be saved since themes are very volatile. The default OpenCart theme will be selected. It is up to you to install a new theme or you can pay me extra for the theme installation with the basic default settings.
  2. Other people's custom modules. You will need to contact the individual authors for the latest versions of their modules. I cannot do that for obvious reasons.
  3. Module positions may lose. You will have to edit each module again from the admin and re-add it.


  1. CPanel Access
  2. Present website admin access

Payment Options

We accept USD and INR (Indian Rupee).  Paypal for International Clients and Indian Payment Gateway (PayUMoney)  for Indian Clients

Delivery Time

Usually within 24 to 48 hours (within 2 business days)

How to proceed?

Once you place the order and the payment is successful, we will email you for further details.

Developer Experience

I have over 10+ years of experience in OpenCart Installation, Upgradation, Database Migration, Extension development, Module Development. My Skillset is PHP, HTML, CSS, Jquery.

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  1. Unlike extension support policy where your get free support for specific period, additional support for services are billed on hourly rate basis
  2. You need to send an email to for your requirements
  3. You do not need to submit support ticket in our ticketing support system

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