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PDF Header Content

This is an optional field. You can add HTML content here, and it will appear at the top of all pages in PDF invoice.

(Short-codes not supported)

PDF Footer Content

The data provided in this field will appear in PDF bottom of all pages.

(Short-codes not supported)

Keep PDF Invoice Backup

Whenever a PDF is created and attached to the email, the PDF file is created in your server directory. By default, the created file is deleted after sending the email. In case if you do not want to delete these PDF files, you can turn on this option.

Secured Folder Name

Parent folder for all the PDF invoice saved in your server is system/storage/invoice/ . Within this location, a folder will be created by the name you mentioned in this field to keep all your customer’s invoices safe. Keep the name hard to guess by anyone. Do not use special characters or spaces for this value.

It is recommended you do not use the default name that comes with the extension, use a different name. This also acts as a security key.

QR / BAR Code

Code Criteria

You can add shortcodes in this field to generate QR Code / Bar Code.

For example,

<RF01245773> * <> * <{order_id}> * <{invoice_no}> * <{current_date}> * <{current_time}> * <{order_total}>

will generate like

<RF01245773> * <> * <102154> * <INV-2021-01457> * <2021-02-28> * <09:44:05> * <$295.99>

Auto Create Invoice Number

If enabled, the invoice number will be automatically created when PDF invoice is generated

PDF Watermark

This is optional. If you want to add a watermark to your PDF invoice, then add an image here. Typical Image resolution can be 1300 x 1800 px.


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