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Special Blocks

The Special Block feature in our PDF Invoice Extension allows you to personalize invoice content based on customer order selections. This enables the inclusion of specific instructions or information in the invoice, contingent upon the customer’s chosen order parameters.

How It Works:

  1. Setting up the Special Block:
    • Identify the condition(s) for special content placement, such as payment method, customer group, presence of downloadable products, etc.
    • Create the instruction or information to be displayed using one of the available shortcodes:
      • {payment_info}: For specific payment method instructions.
      • {shipping_info}: For custom shipping instructions.
      • {customer_group_info}: To add tailored information based on customer groups.
      • {downloads_info}: Utilize this for orders with downloadable products.
  2. Implementing the Special Block:
    • Insert the desired content using the designated shortcode within the invoice template.
    • When an order meets the specified condition (e.g., payment method as bank transfer), the corresponding shortcode will automatically display the relevant instruction or information.


  • Customized Communication: Tailor your invoice content to match specific order criteria, enhancing customer experience and providing relevant information.
  • Efficiency: Automate the inclusion of pertinent instructions or details in the invoice, eliminating manual intervention for each order.

Customer Impact:

By utilizing this feature, your customers receive invoices that precisely address their chosen payment method, customer group, or presence of downloadable products. This personalization fosters clarity and enhances their satisfaction with the purchasing process.


  • Experiment with various conditions to offer nuanced information in your invoices.
  • Regularly review and update these special blocks to align with evolving customer needs or preferences.
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