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Structured Data for Product Pages

Why Product Structured Data?

Product Structured Data is a type of schema markup that provides search engines with specific information about your products, such as product name, price, availability, brand, and more. By implementing this structured data, you enable search engines to better understand your products and display relevant information in search results, making your listings more informative and attractive to potential customers.

Features Provided by Our Extension:

  1. Enable/Disable Display Prices Incl Tax: Choose whether to display product prices inclusive of taxes. This feature ensures that your product prices are accurately displayed to customers, considering applicable taxes, or opt to show prices without tax, based on your preferences.
  2. Enable/Disable Show Property priceValidUntil: If enabled, provide a future date in the default date field. This feature is particularly useful for products with special prices where you can specify an end date for the special offer. If the special price has an end date, it will be used in the structured data; otherwise, the default date will be used to indicate validity.
  3. Default Brand for Products Without Brand Information: Set a default brand to be used for products that don’t have specific brand information. Typically, this default brand is your store name, ensuring that all products have consistent and accurate structured data.
  4. Choose Description Type: Meta Description or Product Description: You have the flexibility to choose between using the meta description or product description for structured data. If you believe you have a well-crafted meta description, opt for it to be used in the structured data to provide concise and impactful information to search engines.
  5. Map Availability Stock Status Based on Google-Specific Availability: Our extension automatically maps the availability stock status of your products based on the standard Google-specific availability status. This ensures that your product availability is accurately represented in search results, making it easier for potential customers to determine product availability.

Implementing these features through our extension’s Product Structured Data ensures that your product pages are fully optimized for search engines. Your product listings will stand out with clear and relevant information, increasing their visibility and attracting more potential customers.

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