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Journal3 OpenCart Template - Installation Setup

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Journal3 OpenCart Template - Installation Setup
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Journal3 is one of the bestselling OpenCart template. It has lot of features if you want to have a great looking website with easy setup. Since Journal3 is used by most of the OpenCart Users, you get support from the developer community and most of the 3rd party extensions support Journal3. Journal3 is designed very professionally and follows OpenCart standards.

This service offers you Journal3 template installation for your OpenCart Website. You can choose any of the demo layout to import.

What is included?

  • Up-to-date Journal3 template files
  • All sample demo layout to import
  • Professional Installation Support

What is required for the installation support?

  1. Admin Credential
  2. Cpanel Credential
  3. Wireframe (if you have selected "Own Design Look")

If you have selected "Own Design Look", you will have to provide the design (in JPG) or the reference website or template. We will setup the journal3 theme to look as similar as possible.

Contact if you need any clarification.

Compatibility OpenCart, OpenCart 3.x.x.x

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