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About the Extension

This extension is used to create HTML Email templates which can be used for the following purposes

  1. Account related Emails like customer registration, forgot password, customer voucher, etc..
  2. Email Newsletter, Email Notification to customers / affiliates / to any email address (can be send immediately as well as automatically on a set date/ daily / weekly / monthly / etc)
  3. Created email template can also be used with your custom made extensions

This extension offers a wide range of sample email templates using which you can use to save time in email content creation. Also we will be releasing many more sample email templates frequently which you can install it from the extension itself.

You can do the following with the email templates

  1. Set Sender Name
  2. Set sender email address
  3. Set CC
  4. Set Reply-to email
  5. Set Subject
  6. Change color, images of the sample templates easily
  7. Edit HTML Content
  8. Set Preheader
  9. Add attachments to email
  10. Set Cross-selling products like latest product, bestselling product, popular products, featured products
  11. Set Tracking parameters to the cross-selling products for Analytics

Extension Features

  1. Send emails in batches by using CRON jobs (Example: If you have 100000 customers email addresses, you can send emails in batches)
  2. One-time setup for your daily/weekly/monthly newsletter. (Emails will be sent automatically by the daily cron job trigger)
  3. Email Preview
  4. Email test
  5. Email sent logs
  6. Email Viewed logs
  7. Emails to be sent by Cron job trigger
  8. Default configuration setup for cross-selling products (Colors, size, font, etc)
  9. Sample templates updates/addition from the extension itself. (You will not need to reinstall the extension to access the latest range of sample templates)
  10. Adding emails to the database
  11. Email Grouping
  12. Search Emails in the groups
  13. Email Planner (Can set email to send on a particular date or send emails daily/weekly/monthly)
  14. Email Planner predictive analysis (You can see what emails will be sent tomorrow)
  15. Send Email Newsletter or email notification to groups (customers / affiliates / all newsletter subscribers / particular customer group / buyers / individual emails / customized groups)
  16. Unsubscribe links, browser view links
  17. Email can unsubscribe to emails (uses a separate table in the database)
  18. Admin can add/delete emails to unsubscribers list
  19. Email templates can be mapped to be used for Customer / Affiliate account emails. (Send beautiful responsive emails when customer registers account or any activity like reset password, rewards, etc, add coupon code in the email to attract customers, and many more creative ways)
  20. Customer Email verification link on the customer registration email


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