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Planning sending emails in batches

Lets assume you want to send 5000 email newsletters per day. And you have created the email template already.

The suggested method for this scenario is to send (5000 / 24) ~210 emails every hour, and that is (210 / 12) ~18 emails every 5 min.

In the extension setting you will set the following

  1. Enable the “Cron bucket mode
  2. Set “No. of Emails to process in an attempt” to 18

And then, go to Send Email Module > Choose the email template and the recipient group. Click on Send Email. Emails will be composed and saved to the Cron Bucket List

And then, in your server cpanel > Cron Jobs. You will use the cron command to run every 5 min.


  • This extension uses the existing OpenCart mail library to send emails. So if you are having a problem sending emails, please check your OpenCart Settings for mail.
  • Check your email server capacity. Some servers may have a limit set, for example, only 500 emails per hour can be sent or only 5000 emails per day can be sent. So check your server email plan and plan accordingly.
  • Use SMTP for better email deliverable.
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