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Automated Job

This is a script which should be set to run daily in your cron jobs.

When this script is triggered, it does the following

  1. Automatically debits the supercash from the customer account based on the expired date. Alert is sent to customer if enabled in settings
  2. Automatically sends alerts (email / sms)  to customers notifying the expiring supercash. This is based on the expire date of supercash and reminder gap mentioned in the settings. (Works only if alerts enabled in settings)

The script URL and sample cron command is mentioned in the extension setting. The mentioned cron command works in most of the cpanel. In case your server uses different kind of cron command contact your server and ask them for the cron setup instructions.

This script can also be triggered manually from the extension. Go to Advance Tools, enter the date and click on run button.

For example if you enter the current date, it will check the records that are expiring today and debits supercash from the respective customer accounts and sends them alert; and also sends alerts to customers whose supercash is going to expire on next X date (X = Send Expiring Reminder day + current date)

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