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Email / SMS settings

Here you can design the email / sms templates that is to be sent to customers. Use the available shortcodes in the email / sms templates

You can find the shortcodes from here https://www.huntbee.com/resources/docs/supercash-sales-booster/short-codes/

Also this extension is designed to be compatible with our Email Template Designer. If you have installed this extension, then you can create template from the extension and assign the template here. Using Email Template Designer, you can use additional functions such as products display in the email, view in browser, email log, email viewed.

For OpenCart and lower versions users

Please note by default OpenCart and lower versions have no customer language ID field in database (that is opencart does not record the customer preferred language). Therefore, for extension compatible with and lower versions, there are no settings based on languages, Instead the settings are common irrespective of languages.

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