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Once the extension is installed, the extension starts tracking the carts and checks if email needs to be sent to the customers. The extension has in-built algorithm that is triggered whenever the website front end is loaded. So whenever any page is opened by anyone, the script is triggered which checks and validates the cart as per the extension settings and sends email after validation.

If you want to disable this script to run, you can turn off the abandoned cart email in the settings.

You can also set a cron job in your cpanel to run every hour. The cron job command is given in extension setting. The given cron command may not be applicable in all server environment. You can check with your hosting support in case the given cron job doesn’t work or triggers the script as expected.

Keep Guest Cart Data

Customers who are not logged in are referred to as Guest and OpenCart uses session id to identify the guest carts. By default the guest cart is cleared after 1 hour. Using this option you can set the duration for a longer duration.

Send Abandoned cart email only to registered customers

If you want to send abandoned cart emails only to registered customers, you can turn on this option. Disabling or turning off this option will send emails to registered/logged in customers as well as guest carts.

Sending Coupon Codes in Abandoned Cart Email

You can send coupon code in the abandoned cart email. You will need to setup the coupon rules in Admin > Marketing > Coupons. And assign this coupon template in this extension and turn on the Auto Generate Coupon. It generates Random Unique Code and adds it to your coupon list automatically each time an email is triggered.

Use short-code {coupon} in your email template.

Enabling this feature will automatically create n number of coupons for n number of emails.

Sample Email Content Showing Auto Generated Coupon Code

Delete inactive guest data

This extension has a separate table in the database which stores the guest information like email address.

The guest data is captured at the checkout page of the website and it is saved in the database.

This option deletes all the inactive data after the specified months. For example if a customer doesn’t return to your site for the specified period, the data that was stored will be considered as inactive and it will be deleted. This option doesn’t delete any cart data.

Complete Order Status

You can set the order status that defines an order is complete. You can select multiple order status also. This option is used to calculate the total orders made by the customer previously in your website and this will help you to understand the potential customer or returning customer of your website.

Template for short-code {cart_items}

In case if you do not use any of the sample templates from this extension, you can select template X Empty Template and you can create your customized simple HTML template. X Empty Template only uses Block 1.

So when you create your own template, you can use the short-code {cart_items} in your template to display in the email the list of items in the customer cart.

Do not use the short-code {cart_items} if you select any of the sample templates, as the sample template has in-built structure for displaying cart items

Hbac items 3 – Sample
Hbac items 2 – Sample
Hbac items 1 – Sample

Pass Key for Cron Job

You need to set a random key so that the cron job script is not triggered by anyone else. The script will be triggered only when this particular key is passed. By default the extension generates a random key, you may not need to change this value. Do not forget to save the extension settings.

Exit intent popup

Enabling this option will trigger a popup if the customer has added items to cart and is about to close the window.

The popup is triggered only once so that the customer doesn’t get disturbed by popup again. Once the popup is triggered it sets a flag in the local storage of the browser.

You can customize the content of the popup here.

For setting background image of the popup you will need basic HTML knowledge, switch the content editor to code view and update the CSS.

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