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Order Status Email/SMS Template

This extension is used to override the default mailing system of opencart for customer order confirmation email and customer order status update notification emails and admin order alert email

Interesting Features of this Extension

  1. Create HTML templates for any order status emails.
  2. Master Layout designer with sample layouts included and more will be added frequently
  3. Create SMS templates for any order status notification
  4. Send SMS using your SMS Gateway API
  5. Short-Codes or variables for creating dynamic email templates
  6. Short-Codes or variables for Custom Fields
  7. Customized info for the payment method used by the customer
  8. Customized info for shipping method used by the customer
  9. HTML Comments template setup so that you do not need to type every time you send order status notification emails to customer
  10. Easy enable or disable the email system
  11. Add unlimited attachments to any order status emails
  12. Display Cross-Selling products (Latest products, Bestseller products, Popular products, Related products, Selective featured products, Customer also bough, related products, auto-related products, random products)
  13. Campaign tracking for the cross-selling products
  14. Set any email address and sender name to send order-related emails to the customer.
  15. Compatible with our Courier Tracking Extension so that you can add the tracking link information within the email
  16. Compatible with our PDF Invoice Generator so that you can attach a PDF invoice with the email.
  17. Sample Templates (so that you can easily copy-paste the HTML and edit the template)
  18. Supports Multi-store Setup
  19. Supports Multi-language
  20. Extension Work Logs
  21. Documentation to help you install this extension and setup

Note: This extension is updated and evolved from the previous version. However, the update is only done to the latest opencart versions. No plans to release compatible versions for the older opencart versions (1.5.x.x).

The following features are not available in 1.5.6.x

  1. Send an order confirmation email
  2. Add attachments to email status templates
  3. Cross-selling products & campaign tracking
  4. Sender Email address and sender name override setup
  5. Compatibility with the PDF invoice generator
  6. Sample templates


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