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OpenCart Essentials - Pack of 26 Extensions

OpenCart Essentials - Pack of 26 Extensions
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Make your eCommerce website most powerful with this super affordable and highly efficient opencart pack

This pack consists of 26 high powered OpenCart extensions. These extensions are very essential for any OpenCart website and the listed extensions are more than enough to make your OpenCart store fully powered to kickstart your business to a whole new professional level. Right from covering from full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website to email marketing to customer and order management. 

This pack is a limited time offer and basically designed for startup websites that are budget-tight. You are not allowed to resell this pack or any extensions in this pack in any way and should be strictly used only on the licensed domain.

This pack is only compatible for OpenCart,, and all later versions (3.x.x.x). 

For OpenCart to versions, get it from

The basic purpose of the extensions in this pack is listed below.


Product Stock Alert – Full PRO

When your customer is browsing your website and wants to purchase a product. However, it seems the product he is looking for is Out-of-stock. He can subscribe to an alert so that whenever this product is back in stock, he gets notified by email immediately (SMS optional).

A perfect extension to understand your customer demand and interest, which can help you in the business forecast and also helps a lot in your supply management.


To know more about this extension, visit

Abandoned Cart PRO

Your customer is adding products to his cart, however, for some reason, he misses checkout and leaves your website. But he automatically gets a reminder email after some time which brings him back to the website to completes his purchase.  Also, you can obviously offer him a system-generated discount coupon code to attract him to complete the purchase. This extension is quite intelligent to help your customer complete his purchase easily and hassle-free.


To know more about this extension, visit

Post Purchase Product Review Email

Your customer has made a purchase couple of days back and is very happy with the product. He gets an Email from this extension to collect his valuable feedback. More like a Trustpilot review system.


To know more about this extension, visit

Just Purchased Popup Alert

Your customer is browsing your website. There are small popup alerts at regular intervals at the bottom of the browser where he sees many other customers are also purchasing products very frequently. He feels more confident now and places the order.


To know more about this extension, visit

Multi-Purpose Popup / Block - Newsletter Subscribe – Easy Account Signup – Login Popup

Effectively collect guest email addresses with newsletter subscribe popup form. Also, you can create a signup form, login form, or any kind of popup with this extension.


To know more about this extension, visit

Email Template Designer Pro – Newsletter Scheduler

You can create and save beautiful email templates. You can add cross-selling products in emails. You can easily create email groups or new email list very effectively. Assign templates to override default OpenCart emails, send beautiful customer registration emails or email activation emails, etc. You can create email campaigns and can also schedule and automate to send on a particular date or on a repeated frequency. You can also send emails in small batches. A developer and designer-friendly compact in-house email marketing solution.


To know more about this extension, visit

Order Status Email/SMS Template Designer

Send professional-looking order confirmation emails and order status update emails to your customers with more freedom to add or design content as per your requirement.


To know more about this extension, visit

Order Shipment / Courier Tracking Info

Save and send shipment information of the order to your customers. Display it on the order info page as well as easily attach the information in your order shipped email.


To know more about this extension, visit

PDF Invoice PRO

Customers can now receive a PDF Invoice of their order in the email. He can also download the PDF Invoice from his customer account section. You can also send the order packaging slip to your shipment manager automatically.


To know more about this extension, visit

OpenCart SMS

You can update your customer about their order status or account activity via SMS. You can also manage SMS marketing. Designed in a way to support any SMS API vendor.


To know more about this extension, visit

SEO On-Page SEO Optimization

Generate smart and effective meta-title, meta-description, meta-keywords, H1 Tag, H2 Tag, Image Alt tag, Image title tag for your webpages.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Broken Link Manager or Redirect Manager

No more broken links with some smart algorithm to auto-set relevant working page link. Also, you can easily redirect any old working product link to your new product link.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Canonical Links

No more duplicate pages. You can also select the preferred canonical version of the page.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Image Rename or Image Organizer

No more messy images. Automatically renames your images with SEO friendly Image names and re-organizes images based on the category of the product.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Keywords Highlighter

Easily Highlight keywords or phrases in the description contents throughout your pages with one click.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Meta Tags

Adds and fixes meta title, meta-description, and meta keyword issues where meta tags are not present.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Product Tags Generator

Create product tags for all products with one-click or automatically.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Structured Data – Rich Snippets

Now Google can understand your website better and create rich cards in SERP. It also supports Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter’s Twitter cards. Very effective for getting a higher ranking in Google.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO URL Generator and SEO Friendly URLs

Save your time and let the extension automatically create SEO URL keywords. You can also set SEO friendly URLs for additional route pages like account, login, register, etc. Supports multi-language with HREF lang tags to appropriately target your global audience in their preferred language.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO XML Sitemap

Most effective XML Sitemap extension for OpenCart which can support huge volumes of links.

To know more about this extension, visit

SEO Quick Editor

Quickly and easily edit and manage your webpage SEO with this easy to edit tool.

SEO WebP Image Compression

Convert images to the modern web image format which reduces the size of the image by more than 50% and not affecting the quality of the image.


To know more about this extension, visit

Google Analytics Ecommerce PRO

You stand strong in your business when you are able to create and visualize reports, understand where the traffic is coming from, how the conversions or purchases are made in your website.


To know more about this extension, visit


Add GDPR features to your website to protect your customer personal data and privacy

To know more about this extension, visit

Quick Menu Bar

Bookmark your admin links and easily access the admin page with one click

To know more about this extension, visit

Customer Dashboard PRO

A compact CRM tool to manage your customers using AJAX filters and create reports.

To know more about this extension, visit








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  1. Standard support included. Support queries resolved through emails.
  2. Free Premium Support is not included with this product purchase.
  3. The extensions mentioned in the package are all best-selling extensions in OpenCart and 100% working extensions and are actively used by hundreds of OpenCart Users already.
  4. No refund is applicable for this product pack. Refund is applicable only if you prove the extension is not working on a fresh OpenCart setup (This doesn't include any conflicts).
  5. If you have selected the Installation Support Required option, One-time Installation support will be provided. This also covers fixing any conflicts with the installed template/theme. You will need to contact us via email after the purchase.
  6. Limited Slots of Free Installation Support. Contact our email for more information.
  7. Installation support is provided to one domain per license
  8. If you want to register for premium support (6 months covered), you will be required to purchase a separate support package additionally from or
  9. If you have noticed any bug in any of the extensions, you can email us directly and report the issue. It will be fixed at no extra charges. This doesn't include conflicts with any other themes or extensions.
  10. If you have any queries related to this product pack, feel free to contact us via the email. [Note the response may take some time since premium support is not covered with this pack]

Before you proceed, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Extension License and Usage Policy. By purchasing and using our extension, you agree to the terms outlined below.

  1. Domain and Subdomain Usage: Your purchase of this extension license grants you the right to use the extension on a single domain and its associated subdomains. Should you wish to use the extension on multiple domains, a separate license must be purchased for each domain.
  2. License Activation and Extension Download: After purchasing the extension, it's important to activate your license. Visit to activate your license and validate your authorization. The extension download will be enabled only after successful license activation. This step helps ensure the legitimate use of the extension.
  3. Prohibition of Licensing, Sub-Licensing, and Reselling: Please note that you are not permitted to license, sub-license, or resell our extension to third parties. The license you acquire is exclusively for your use and benefit.
  4. Code, Logic, and Algorithm Usage: While we encourage innovation, the reuse of any part of the extension's code, logic, or algorithm for purposes beyond its advertised functionality is prohibited. This safeguard ensures the extension operates as intended.
  5. Modification and Distribution: Feel free to modify the extension to suit your specific needs. However, distributing or sharing modified versions with others is not allowed. This maintains the integrity of the original code.
  6. Updates and Support: Upon purchase, you are entitled to updates and support for a specified period, as detailed in the product documentation. Our support team is here to assist with any issues related to the extension's functionality.

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