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Default Template

The ocmod adds the add to cart tracking script to the product page. You will also need to setup manually in case if you want to track the addition of items or removal of items from the product list or grids. This setup is manual because this is the best & effective way to do this without unnecessary loading of more scripts & queries.

Please follow the below step (only if you are a developer)

The activity involves the identification of the javascript file which is responsible for add to cart / remove cart activity. By default, OpenCart uses catalog/view/javascript/common.js for this activity. In some templates, they might use their own javascript file. You will need to identify that file and make the following changes.

Open catalog/view/javascript/common.js

Change 1: Add the following code at the end of the page/file

function gaAddtocart(e){$.ajax({url:"index.php?route=extension/module/google_ecommerce/get_product_info&product_id="+e,type:"post",dataType:"json",success:function(e){e.error?console.log(e.error):gtag("event","select_content",{"content_type": "product",items:[e.product_info]});gtag("event","add_to_cart",{items:[e.product_info]}),console.log(e.product_info),e.pixel_info&&(fbq("track","AddToCart",e.pixel_info),console.log(e.pixel_info))}})}function gaRemovefromcart(e){$.ajax({url:"index.php?route=extension/module/google_ecommerce/get_product_info&product_id="+e,type:"post",dataType:"json",success:function(e){e.error?console.log(e.error):gtag("event","select_content",{"content_type": "product",items:[e.product_info]});gtag("event","remove_from_cart",{items:[e.product_info]})}})}


Change 2: Identify the add to cart function and add the following function just after the success command



Change 3: Identify the remove function and add the following function just after the success command


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