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Base Plugin
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Base Plugin [23xx-3xxx]2.3.x.x - 3.x.x.x
Base Plugin 2.1 [2000 - 2200] -
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Base Plugin for OpenCart is a plugin to organize all the latest productivity based Extensions and SEO Extensions developed by HuntBee OpenCart Services. This is an enhanced version of the previous Productivity App base plugin and SEO Base plugin. We have combined the both into one plugin extension so that it will be more easier for the installation.

Benefits of this plugin

  1. It organizes almost all of our extensions from Huntbee. 
  2. Requires less OCMOD or no OCMOD scripts to create links of other extensions in the admin
  3. Easier to identify files during your OpenCart upgrade or migration.
  4. No messy Admin links
  5. OpenCart looks more professional

Documentation / Installation Manual :




Compatibility2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, , 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

VERSION : 3.0.0DATE RELEASED: 05 Jul 2021
  1. Extension Restructured
  2. Sub-links in the left navigation panel
  3. Added Update Option
  4. Extension now available under Modules for easy and user friendly installation
  5. Auto permission set while installation

  1. Base Plugin for OpenCart Version 2000 - 2200 is updated to support extensions under location hbapps/ as well as extension/hbapps/
  2. Other Compatibile version remains the same

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