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Sales Performance Report

This extension creates sales reports. A sales report is very essential so you can understand not only what is happening in your business but how to plan for the future and do sales forecasting.

Using the data you know where and when and how to invest in your business to get more sales effectively.

Using this extension you can

  1. Compare sales trend of the same months of different years
  2. Compare the sales trend of all years
  3. Understand the sales trend for each year
  4. Understand the monthly sales trend
  5. Get a sales report of any custom range of dates
  6. Get to know the total number of orders, total products sold, the total value of products sold, total sales amount, total tax, total coupons or any discounts offered
  7. Reports the best selling products of any particular date range, any year, any month
  8. Reports products that brought you a high income of any particular date range, any year, any month
  9. Reports the least selling products of any particular date range, any year, any month
  10. Reports products that brought you a low income of any particular date range, any year, any month
Compatibility OpenCart 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x
Core Files Overwrite No Core files overwritten
Multi-store Yes, Support Multi-language website
Multi-lingual Yes, Supports Multi-store
Framework OpenCart
Existing Libraries Used Jquery, Bootstrap,
Additional Libraries Added / Used Google Charts, Bootstrap Toogle

VERSION : 1.0.1DATE RELEASED: 08 May 2023
  • Language support updated [only for 3.x.x.x Versions]


First Release

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  2. After purchase, you need to activate the license by visiting This is done to validate your authorization.
  3. You cannot license, sub-license and resell our products
  4. You cannot reuse any part of the code or logic or algorithm of this product anywhere else which doesn't satisfy the operation of this product as advertised.

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