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Klaviyo for Opencart 23xx and 3xxx

Klaviyo for Opencart 23xx and 3xxx image for opencart
Klaviyo for Opencart 23xx and 3xxx
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100% Money Refund Guarantee
If this extension/module doesn't work with your opencart store, we guarantee to provide you full refund. However the working of the extension will be decided by our support team. Please go through our refund policy provided at the bottom of this page.

This extension is compatibile with OpenCart 2.1.x.x,, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x versions.

This is a compatible version released by Huntbee of the existing 1.5.x.x version created by Klaviyo

Email is one of the best ways to bring in new customers and keep them coming back. Klaviyo drives newsletters, abandoned cart emails, segmentation, and automated product feeds that make stores more money.

After installing the extension, you’ll be able to personalize and target emails based on each customer’s purchase and website activity. Here’s the data klaviyo sync from OpenCart:

  • Sales and order data: Which products were purchased, including product details and images
  • Customer information: First name, last name, location, and customer group
  • Started checkout data: Used to trigger Abandoned Cart emails
  • Fulfilled order data: Used to track when orders are shipped
  • Web Tracking: When people visit your website

The OpenCart integration syncs every hour.

Klaviyo is the leading email platform for Ecommerce that’s tied directly into your store, making email easy, automated, and effective. Key features include:

  1. Product feeds to display unique, relevant content for every email recipient
  2. Great looking newsletters and other emails generated automatically using Klaviyo’s email templates
  3. Segmentation to narrow lists by who has and hasn’t bought
  4. Best-in-class abandoned cart follow-ups that show items left in cart
  5. Automated order follow-ups weeks and months after purchase to keep customers returning
  6. Easy-to-make signup pop-ups on your site to collect new emails

Klaviyo: Marketing Automation

There is only one way to grow your OpenCart store—by building high-quality, customer relationships. Most marketing software claims to do this, but never delivers on the promises. Klaviyo is different. Klaviyo allows you to listen for and understand cues from your visitors, subscribers, and customers, and enables you to easily turn that information into valuable, relevant messages.

Ecommerce stores switching to Klaviyo see an average 67x increase in ROI. Join the over 20,000 businesses growing faster & building amazing customer experiences across their owned marketing channels.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Klaviyo

  1. Klaviyo and OpenCart play better together – Single click integration pulls all the relevant data you need to personalize your marketing.
  2. More data than anyone else – quickly pull-in data from our pre-built integrations and add any custom property you want so you can build stronger customer relationships.
  3. Stronger marketing functionality than the competition – set-up abandoned cart emails in minutes, then optimize with advanced splits and filters to target your messages.
  4. Create real customer interactions – quickly create signup forms to start collecting emails then use the multiple targeting options to collect more information – all without any coding.
  5. Measure success – get high level metrics to see how email contributes to your bottom line then dig deeper into your customer data with churn risks and lifetime value.

Better Understand Your Customers

Within minutes, you can integrate Klaviyo and Opencart and begin using all of your historical Shopify data. Klaviyo automatically adds the code required to track browsing behavior so you understand your customers beyond their purchase history.

Klaviyo also integrates with many other ecommerce and marketing apps such as: Facebook, Recharge, Zendesk, Swell,, Aftership, and more, to help you collect the most data about your customers.

Communicate on a Personal Level

Klaviyo simplified the data and segmentation so you can create more relevant messages and experiences that stand out from the competition. That means you can stop the excel madness that’s usually required to figure out who to speak to and what to say. Use the data collected to send relevant, personalized messages based on their purchase history and browsing activity. 

Make More Money

Other marketing software forces you to choose between moving fast and powerful functionality leaving you with a feeling that you’re wasting time or can’t do what you need to. With Klaviyo, you don’t need to choose, we provide you with everything you need to make more money.

Analyze Results

In Klaviyo, every individual gets a unique profile so you get a 360º view of your customers. Whether you want a high-level view of your email performance or want to drill deeper to find out who bought from you and when in a single profile view, you can see it all.


Compatibility21xx, 2200, 23xx, 3xxx

VERSION : 1.0.1DATE RELEASED: 25 Nov 2019

First Release

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  • 6 Months Free Premium Support for each license from the date of purchase
  • You can extend the support for another 6 months (i.e 1 Year Support) by paying additional 30% of price of the extension. This needs to be done within 7 days from the date of purchase
  • Support can be renewed for 6 months once the support is expired. The charges for renewing support is 60% of latest price of the extension

How to ask for support?

For any post purchase support, you need to raise a support ticket at

For more information please go through our Support Policy

  1. License to use extension is restricted to only one domain and its subdomain. If you want to use the extension in other domains you need to purchase license (i.e., Purchase again)
  2. After purchase you need to activate license by visiting This is done to validate your authorization.
  3. You cannot license, sub-license and resell our products
  4. You cannot resuse any part of the code or logic or algorithm of this product to anywhere else which doesn't satisfy the operation of this product as advertised.

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