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Refund Dispute Resolution and Order Cancellation Policy

This Refund Dispute Resolution and Order Cancellation Policy ("Policy") outlines the procedures and guidelines for addressing refund disputes raised by customers directly with the payment gateway. At HuntBee OpenCart Services, we are committed to providing a seamless customer experience and ensuring fair resolutions for any concerns related to refunds and order cancellations.

Refund Process:

  1. Customers who wish to request a refund for a product or service purchased from HuntBee OpenCart Services must initiate the refund process by contacting our customer support team.
  2. Refund requests will be evaluated based on our established refund policy and the authenticity of the issue reported by the customer.
  3. Refunds will be processed if the customer's issue aligns with our refund policy and is deemed genuine and acceptable by our support team.

Payment Gateway Disputes:

  1. In the event that a customer raises a refund dispute directly with the payment gateway, HuntBee OpenCart Services reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or deactivate any active orders, licenses, or subscriptions associated with the customer's account until the dispute is resolved.
  2. Customers are encouraged to follow our internal refund process for a faster and more streamlined resolution of refund requests.
  3. By raising a refund dispute with the payment gateway, the customer acknowledges that HuntBee may suspend access to products, services, or licenses until the dispute is resolved.

Order Cancellation:

  1. HuntBee retains the right to cancel any active orders, licenses, or subscriptions of customers who initiate refund disputes directly with the payment gateway, as outlined in this policy.
  2. Order cancellations will be executed in accordance with this policy and our terms of service.

Communication and Support:

  1. Customers are encouraged to communicate directly with our customer support team for any refund-related concerns.
  2. Our customer support team will work diligently to address refund requests and provide suitable resolutions within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Refund resolutions will be based on the merit of the customer's concern and our established refund policy.


  1. Exceptions to this policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the discretion of HuntBee.
  2. Customers with legitimate extenuating circumstances may be granted exceptions to the outlined procedures, provided that such circumstances are communicated and verified by our support team.


This Policy is designed to ensure a fair and consistent approach to handling refund disputes and order cancellations. By adhering to this Policy, HuntBee OpenCart Services aims to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction and resolve refund-related issues promptly and effectively. Customers are encouraged to review our complete refund policy for detailed information regarding eligible refund scenarios and terms.

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