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Force www or non-www url versions

Many customers at some point request to force either the www or non-www version of their site to display in their visitor's browser. For example, always have or simply display in their visitor's web browser. There is a common thought that forcing one format is better for search engine optimization.

Search engines consider and different websites. As a result, if your website has been linked to from other websites using a mix of the two URLs you are effectively splitting the potential benefit of valuable link popularity.

Using a 301 redirect on the “non-www” version of the URL, which is essentially a “permanent” redirect, you can effectively consolidate all of your link popularity to a single URL. This consolidation will serve to increase your website’s chances of obtaining and maintaining top rankings.

Which is better? www or non-www ?

Both www and non-www URL formats are equal. Neither is better than the other. So, you can use either of the formats, it’s totally your personal choice. But it is highly recommended that you use only one format. Either stick to www or consistently use a non-www format. Google Webmaster tools allow you to set your preferred domain ( or And therefore Google states that it does not care which one you use.

How we can help you?

We can help you set up your preferred URL version. After you made a purchase, we will contact you and make the required changes. If you wish to avail the service first and then go for payment, you can write to us directly and we will make the changes, and then we will send you the service invoice.


Here in this site itself,  if you enter in the URL address bar, it will show; which means will never be shown and the search engines will only see

For<any existing seo keyword> will show<any existing seo keyword>

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