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SEO Product Image Rename Manager / Image Organizer

Image filename for SEO

For image search engine optimisation, Images used in your website should have words or keywords that describe the image accurately and clearly.

For example: Rather than Image01.jpg or DSC001.jpg, use black-maxi-dress.jpg

The name of the image file with help search engines determine what the picture is of. You should include a keyword that you are trying to rank for when writing the image file name.

However, avoid making long file names and keyword stuffing because this could have a negative impact on ranking. Use dashes to separate words rather than underscores, which will combine words rather than separating them. 

About this extension

This extension renames the product images / category images / brand images with its respective title. Thereby the images in product pages / category pages / brand pages will have relevance to the respective pages, and since the product / category / brand title is used in the image filename which acts as a keyword, images will be indexed in the search engines results accordingly. 

Not only this extension renames the images but also it organises the images beautifully within the web directory.  This extension helps you fix all the mess in your image folder.


  1. Renames Product Main Images
  2. Renames Product Additional Images
  3. Renames Product Option Images
  4. Renames Category Images
  5. Renames Brand Images
  6. SEO friendly image filename
  7. SEO friendly Non-English character conversion 
  8. Relocates Product images
  9. Relocates Category images
  10. Relocates Brand images
  11. Creates folders inside the specified target folder according to the category assigned to the product
  12. Rename logs to track the work done
  13. Automatic function to run the script whenever an item or product is added or edited or when the product list page is loaded





Compatibility1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x, 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3xxx
Core Files OverwriteNO
Existing Libraries UsedJquery, Bootstrap,
Additional Libraries Added / Usedbootstraptoggle (cloud)

Admin Panel


Menu : Extensions > Extensions > SEO Extensions [HuntBee] > SEO Image Rename > Edit


Video Demonstration

Open demo instruction in new tab

VERSION : 9.0.6DATE RELEASED: 20 Jan 2024
  • Minor fix related to PHP 8+

VERSION : 9.0.5DATE RELEASED: 17 Nov 2023
  • Compatibility test for OpenCart and PHP 8+

(only for opencart 23xx and 3xxx)

VERSION : 9.0.3DATE RELEASED: 05 Jan 2021
  • Responsive file manager updated

VERSION : 9.0.2DATE RELEASED: 04 Sep 2020
  • {product_id} shortcode added

VERSION : 9.0.0DATE RELEASED: 04 Aug 2020
  1. Added status column to image_rename_logs table
  2. UI redesigned
  3. Added feature to rename product option images
  4. JPG conversion algorithm added
  5. More debug codes added
  6. Image Folder Manager added
  7. Missing Images tab added
  8. SKU, UPC, Model added Image filename pattern 
  9. Filename template added for product additional images
  10. Filename pattern for product option images

Update Instruction:

Uninstall the existing version and install the newer version.

VERSION : 8.1.4DATE RELEASED: 01 Apr 2020
  1. Minor Fix

VERSION : 8.1.3DATE RELEASED: 24 Feb 2020
  • Minor bug fix for duplicate / (//)

VERSION : 8.1.2DATE RELEASED: 05 Feb 2020
  1. Fixed minor bug related to user_token in ocmod for 3xxx

VERSION : 8.1.1DATE RELEASED: 12 Jan 2020
  1. Minor bug fixed related to product target folder

VERSION : 8.1.0DATE RELEASED: 02 Jan 2020
  1. Updated Algorithm
  2. Added copy/rename function
  3. Auto Mode feature added (Script will run whenever admin product list page/category list page/manufacturer list page is opened)
  4. OCMOD Added


  1. Uninstall the extension from Extension > SEO Extensions > SEO Image Rename
  2. Install the latest version via Extenaion > Extension Installer on the top of previous version

  • The extension has been redesigned
  • No changes or updates to older opencart versions 1.5.x.x
  • Added Feature: Category Image rename
  • Added Feature: Brand Image rename
  • Added Feature: Image Copy function used by default
  • Added Feature: Rename logging in database
  • Added Feature: Image disputes
  • Added Feature: Image filename variables 
  • Documentation Added


Extension updated for OpenCart compatibility.Updates are made only related to OpenCart 2.x.x.x versions. No changes made to OpenCart 1.5.x.x versions

A new feature is added for image filetype where image can be renamed along with their existing filetype. In earlier versions the images are converted to jpg. 

The following changes are made:

  1. Updated the extension admin template file, admin controller file and admin language file
  2. Updated huntbee_seoimage_admin_menu.vqmod.xml

Upgrading from 6.4 to 7.1 instructions

  • Backup both files and database (Strictly Recommended)
  • Overwrite the existing version 6.4 with the 7.1 version's files 


  1. Default folder setting removed
  2. Renamed images can now be placed anywhere in the Image folder. In previous version the renamed images are placed outside the image/catalog/ folder. This made it difficult to access the renamed images from the admin image manager.
  3. Old Path not exists error popup is fixed
  4. Displays Script Execution time


  • First Release of this extension
  • This extension is splitted from HuntBee SEO pack and many features enhanced

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