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OpenCart Economic Extensions #Top Rated

Buy best and quality OpenCart Economic Extensions products

In an effort to support the startups and entry-level business who cannot afford the premium extension, we are providing some of the extension at extremely cheaper rates. This section of extensions is as same as the premium extensions and there are no quality differences. This section of products has the following limitations.

  1. You cannot get support in case of any issues with the installation or if you require any help regarding the installation.
  2. No refund once you purchase the extension.


  1. You get the same quality extension at a very cheaper rate
  2. Lifetime access to downloads and related updates.
  3. Free support in case the extension is not working in the default opencart setup.

App Model: OpenCart 2x/3x
This pack consists of the following 11 SEO extensionsSEO On-Page Tags Generator SEO URL keyword Generator + HREF Lang setup for Multi-language websites SEO Structured Data or Google Rich Cards SEO Canonical Links XML Sitemap Generator PRO SEO Image Rename Manager SEO Quick Editor ..
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