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Developer: Priyabrata Ghorai
 This extension is used to create HTML Email templates which can be used for the following purposesAccount related Emails like customer registration, forgot password, customer voucher, etc..Email Newsletter, Email Notification to customers / affiliates / to any email address (can be send immedi..
$100.00 $40.00
Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for OpenCart [2xxx - 3xxx]
New -60 %
Developer: Priyabrata Ghorai
This extension integrates your Google Analytics for enhanced eCommerce reporting and analysis so that you can monitor your product performance and sales performance data. This extension is an essential extension for all real businesses using OpenCart. What is Google Ecommerce?Google..
$50.00 $20.00
Order Shipment / Courier Tracking Info
Hot -12 %
Developer: Priyabrata Ghorai
This extension enables you to add courier / shipment details to the products shipped in the order. You can also assign separate courier details to each product in a particular order. The details you provide from admin will be reflected in customer's order history page.How to use this extension?First..
$25.00 $22.00
PDF Invoice Generator and Email Attachment
New -43 %
Developer: Priyabrata Ghorai
This extension generates professional looking PDF Invoice and can send pdf invoice as attachment for the selected order status update. You can select multiple order status to which PDF Invoice needs to be send as an attachment Generated PDF Invoice is also saved in the server directory and ac..
$30.00 $16.99
Developer: Priyabrata Ghorai
What happens when customer finds a product Out-of-Stock?What is the solution?Here is an extension which will engage your customer to your website and also it will let you know on the customer demands and gives you an opportunity to provide quality and better customer service to your customers. It ma..
$50.00 $25.00
Developer: Priyabrata Ghorai
We have developed the SEO extensions with more than 2 years of research and analysis on Search Engine Optimization for OpenCart website by monitoring more than 50 OpenCart Live websites. We are aware of the common SEO issues for any opencart website and we have developed these SEO extensions conside..
$300.00 $85.00
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