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App Model: OpenCart Extension
Send timely notifications about abandoned cartsAbandoned cart emails are sent to customers who have added products to their cart but failed to check out. It’s remarkably effective as a sales recovery tactic. According to a Survey, nearly half of all abandoned cart emails are opene..
App Model: Data Service
Optimized SEO Meta Writing ServiceImprove your website's search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic with our Optimized SEO Meta Writing Service. Please note that this service is specifically tailored for English language websites. We understand the importance of well-crafted m..
App Model: OpenCart 2x/3x/4x
This extension automatically shows the related products in the product pages. The advantage of showing related products are:They are Search Engine friendly (SEO) and builds internal links in the product pageIt enhances the user experience of browsing the products It increases the chance..
App Model: Additional Script
This extension works only with the extension Product Stock Alert Notification This is an additional script for stores whose product option ID is not constant and want to match the product quantity based on the option text ..
App Model: OpenCart Extension
The Bambora North America Payment Gateway for OpenCart is a secure and easy-to-use module that allows you to accept credit and debit card payments from your OpenCart store. Bambora is a leading payment processor in North America, and their payment gateway is trusted by businesses of all sizes.Fe..
Base Plugin
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App Model: Free Addon
Base Plugin for OpenCart is a plugin to organize all the latest productivity based Extensions and SEO Extensions developed by HuntBee OpenCart Services. This is an enhanced version of the previous Productivity App base plugin and SEO Base plugin. We have combined the both into one plugin extension s..
App Model: Service
Welcome to our exclusive Opencart SMTP Configuration Service, where we ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients' inboxes, not their spam folders! Are you tired of your emails getting lost in cyberspace or struggling with poor deliverability? Fret not, for our team of email experts..
App Model: OpenCart 1.5.x/2x/3x
This extension is one of the very essential extension for your opencart store. This extension captures your broken links and immediately redirects to a working page and thereby there will never be any broken link in your website. Therefore your SEO performance is very much improved.After install..
App Model: OpenCart Extension
Easily manage the data of your website database and save time. You can narrow down the results using the filters. You can export tables in CSV format.Features:Find and replace values in bulk. Delete rows or records in any tables Export tables in CSV format Use optional filters to na..
Business Insight for OpenCart Website (Email)
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App Model: OpenCart 23xx / 3xxx
In today’s digital age, data is king. Businesses that can harness the power of data to make informed decisions are more likely to succeed. Our Business Insights Extension for OpenCart does just that.The extension provides you with weekly reports on your store’s performance, incl..
App Model: OpenCart Add-on
This extension replaces "Add to Cart" button to "Buy Now" button and upon clicking on the "Buy Now", it directs customer to Shopping Cart or Checkout page. You can specify whether you want your customer to go directly to checkout page or shopping cart page. Also it is p..
App Model: OpenCart 2x/3x
 A canonical tag is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URLs.Though OpenCart has in-built canonical tags, however, the..
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